Web Analytics Can Be An Idea Generator For Social Media Posts

Here is an example of web analytics serving as the inspiration for a successful social media post. In reviewing the most viewed dresses on the site of designer Mac Duggal, it jumped out that the dress getting the most page views is the one pictured to the right. Based on this tidbit of information, the site’s Community Manager created a post featuring this photo to the firm’s Facebook fan page.

The Facebook post produced over 300 “likes” and 16 “shares” within a day of being uploaded.

Not everyone is forunate enough to have proprietary photography of a gorgeous model in a stunning dress that shows off a lot of leg. However, anyone that is stuck for an idea for their next post should consider reviewing their web analytics.

What are the topics on the webpages:

  1. getting the most clicks from visitors
  2. have the longest viewing time, or
  3. the lowest exit rate.


Your website’s visitors provide a great source of information on the content they find most engaging. Utilizing the data in Web analytics can be a great source of ideas for social media posts.

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