Getting Back Up After Penguin

This guest post was contributed by Colby Hooley, a SEO Specialist at Robotdon essay checker service.

There are many blogs that we know of that have fallen into oblivion, perhaps even one you are involved with. So Google has chewed you up and spit you out, and sometimes it is really hard to get back up.  Maybe your blog suffered a rippling effect like a damaging relationship or financial fallout.  Some of us have seen our blog site in a hardship and wondered how it got there.  While others are just wondering why we’re in that place and why it has fallen on the search engine results pages.

All in all blogging has its ups and downs and there are a lot of reasons why blogs are chewed up, and it all starts with competence and performance.  So, what can we do to jump out of our chairs?  What can we do to stand up to our problems and start fixing them? Where can we turn to when our blogs paths are holding us back?

Well here are some tips to help you get your blog back up again following the Penguin update and stay up: have a prepared launch, advertise, join a blogging community, share information, and know the basics of the Internet.

First, being prepared to relaunch will give you the great start that you need. Make sure that you are organized and ready to go by doing some pre-blog articles. Let the public know that you are going to be starting a blog and give them a taste of what it will be like. Like a little test run. Also make sure to have some additional materials prepared and ready to go so that you don’t hit a wall shortly after you launch.

Next, advertise your blog. Let people know that you are out there. There are so many ways to let people know about you, so be sure to use your resources. Some great places to get the word out fast are: Facebook, Friends, Twitter, Pintrest, or even other blogs. Know how to use these sites for their SEO benefits and they will boost your rankings.

Also, you can join a blogging community. There are many bloggers out there that know what to do and how to help. Sharing ideas and learning from others is a great way to get new ideas. This way you will also have a support system when you are in a jam they can help.

Share information is the next idea. Some people just want to do their blog and not give back; however, first you will need to guest post on other related blogs, and secondly you will have more publicity. Other bloggers just might do the same for your blog which will help you get noticed by others and by Google. Sometimes you have to give a little to get a little. Share information with your blog visitors as well. Let them know that you are there and are interested in the matter respond to their post and comment on their ideas.

Okay, now the last great tip. Know how to use a computer and the Internet. Don’t get overwhelmed, that doesn’t mean you need to be an expert but you need the basics. Know what to do if you blog crashes, and know the easy programs that will make your work easier.

With these easy yet effective tips this will help you pull out of the dark and stay on top. Now go out and show Google what your blogs got.

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